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How to start moving your business forward today

All the tools and inspiration you need to ignite growth and take your business to the next level

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Getting in the mindset for growth

Growing a business is about more than ambition and drive; it’s about having a clearly defined strategy, and the confidence to execute it effectively.

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Module 1

Fuelling growth

When it comes to raising capital for your business, there is a range of options out there. Finding the deal that’s right for your business will set you on the path to successful expansion.

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Module 2

Building profile and customer loyalty

Growing a business requires a steady flow of new customers as well as a solid stable of loyal existing clients that return to you time and again. But getting your business in front of new people and persuading them to part with their hard earned cash with you is an important challenge to master if your growth strategy is to be successful.

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Module 3

Expanding your offering

Expanding your business – the footprint or the products and services you offer – and inevitably your team requires careful planning. Getting it wrong can be mean small imperfections in your model quickly turn into problems that could threaten to put you out of business altogether.

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Module 4

Sustaining growth in the long run

You’d like your business to keep growing at a sustainable rate for years to come. That requires staff that understand your vision and care about making it a reality and a strong leadership team to oversee the day-to-day operations and let you concentrate on new opportunities.

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Module 5


Event: Getting in the mindset for growth

A special event where we assemble a panel of experts who discuss how businesses can succesfully start scaling up today.


Event: Building a solid brand and reaching new customers

In this session we will look at what goes into building a solid brand and what are the key steps businesses can take to sustain growth in the long run. Hosted by Soheb Panja, editor of Courier.


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